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  • Miss Universe 2012 Olivia Culp at the opening of a boutique in Beverly Hills

    Miss Universe 2012 Olivia Culp At The Opening Of A Boutique In Beverly Hills

    After being sent to Ponyville to prepare for the Summer Sun Celebration, Twilight Sparkle tries to find a way to stop the long-foretold return of the villainous Nightmare Moon. Twilight, accompanied by five other ponies from Ponyville, sets out into the Everfree Forest to find the Elements of Harmony and stop Nightmare Moon.

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  • Beautiful summer makeup: photos and ideas

    Beautiful Summer Makeup: Photos And Ideas

    Makeup , Party Makeup , Makeup Ideas , Makeup Looks , Special Occasion Makeup Getting ready for prom night is rarely quick, especially if you want the perfect prom makeup to go with your dress and hair. Find out how to do prom makeup, using the best ideas and tips that can make you glow on the big night.

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  • Neon accents in the evening makeup

    Neon Accents In The Evening Makeup

    The combination of your skin tone, natural hair color, and eye color will determine which colors tend to look good on you. To find out your undertone, no matter what shade your skin is, turn your hand palm up and look at your wrist.

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  • Do nail nails spoils?

    Do Nail Nails Spoils?

    They have tons of workers so you rarely have to wait and they do a great job. After doing absolutely nothing for my cuticles, my manicurist just started in on my set by pulling out a box of heavily used tools that I doubt has ever seen a sanitizer but I had it in my head that I wanted my nails done that day, by golly. He didn't apologize for this or even acknowledge it..

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  • Why brown mascara?

    Why Brown Mascara?

    Which is funny, because you'd think it'd be a go-to choice for so many people--particular those who reside in the "pale as heck" camp avec moi. Don't get me wrong, I love a dark-as-night black mascara , but there's just something more natural and soft about a brown mascara that creates a truly feminine and balanced look. Bette Davis actually preferred brown mascara, claiming they were her beauty secret.

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  • Cosmetics Giorgio Armani: a review

    Cosmetics Giorgio Armani: A Review

    Isabella Behravan We're obsessed with finding the perfect foundation coverage, whether that's a dewy finish, something more matte, or the ever-elusive in-between goodness that will make us glow on cue but never look greasy. During this quest, we come across makeup phenomenon that celebs, models, and editors seem to swear by.

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  • Top glossy lip gloss

    Top Glossy Lip Gloss

    Those who aren't have usually experienced sticky, messy lip glosses which dried out their lips or led to other negative, unflattering results. Upgrading to a higher-quality lip gloss can provide you with a versatile addition to your makeup routine.

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  • Eye Makeup for Beginners

    Eye Makeup For Beginners

    lo habia buscado por muchoo tiempo Fuuuck I could listen to them moan all day man that hi-rez really fucked things up with OB62 Reported for nudity such unholy videos shall not be here. Whip cream. Liking..

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