10 Of The Best Images From The Victorias Secret Party In Paris


More than just a collection of lingerie strutting down the runway, the VS Fashion Show is an international celebration that includes some of the most famous super models on the planet all in one place. The show has evolved quite a bit since it first started in , each show even more chock-full of stunning runway theatrics and chart-topping musical acts we're talking Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, and The Weeknd.

Like all of its grand productions, there's way more that goes on at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show than we get to see when the show is nationally-aired in December. Here are just a few of the secrets from behind the runway.

10 of the best images from the Victorias Secret party in Paris

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Victoria Secret 2012: Justin Bieber - Beauty and a Beat/ As long as you love me LIVE/HD

See The Angels Best Looks At The Victorias Secret Fashion Show After-Party

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10 Of The Best Images From The Victorias Secret Party In Paris

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See The Angels Best Looks At The Victorias Secret Fashion Show After-Party

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The models are spoiled backstage

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The models are spoiled backstage

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Top 10 Best Walks at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Openings

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Lady Gaga - Million Reasons (Medley/Live From The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show In Paris)

All the Victoria's Secret Models and Performers Out and About in Paris

  1. In fact, Chanel Iman said she tried to gain weight for the show.
  2. I have to really work at it," she said in an interview.
  3. I have to really work at it," she said in an interview.
  4. In fact, according to Florence Kane of Glamour , who traveled alongside the models to the show in Paris, their chartered jet not only featured a delicious breakfast complete with mimosas, but it was also full of swag, like "Max Factor Epic Lash mascara," which at the time wasn't even available in the U.

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find 10 of the best images from the Victorias Secret party in Paris Karen Mulder

Rachel Hilbert on Prepping for the Victorias Secret Fashion Show

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Rachel Hilbert on Prepping for the Victorias Secret Fashion Show

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Best Photos of Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2016 Models

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Best Photos of Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2016 Models


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Converse Comme Paris the in the 10 Victorias best of from Secret images party glove

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10 of the best images from the Victorias Secret party in Paris

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10 of the best images from the Victorias Secret party in Parisin makeup look at our website.

10 Of The Best Images From The Victorias Secret Party In Paris

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Use 10 of the best images from the Victorias Secret party in Paris wonder

See the Hottest Looks from the 2017 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show After-Party

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Of best images the 10 party Paris in Victorias Secret the from

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10 of the best images from the Victorias Secret party in Paris

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