Backstage: Show Opening Ceremony


The dominant images from the four-hour opening ceremony at the Maracana Stadium will be supermodel Gisele Bundchen's catwalk across the pitch to The Girl From Ipanema, the joyous arrival of Brazil's team and former marathon star Vanderlei de Lima lighting an Olympic cauldron that morphed into a golden disco ball.

But the boos that greeted acting Brazilian president Michel Temer's short address to open the Games, the smattering of jeers the Russian team received and the catcalls that followed a reference to government funding tell a different story. Rio has had a difficult upbringing, with worries about the country's ability to afford it, Rio's preparations and sport's credibility in the face of a divisive doping crisis, but South America's first ever Olympics is now ready to entertain the world and perhaps revive a nation.

Temer, who took office in May when impeachment procedures were started against president Dilma Rousseff, tried to postpone his poor reception by opting out of the initial welcome alongside International Olympic Committee president Thomas Bach.

Backstage: show Opening Ceremony

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How To Stream The 2018 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremonies

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Backstage: Show Opening Ceremony

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How To Stream The 2018 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremonies

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Opening Ceremony Fall 2017 Fashion Show Atmosphere

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Opening Ceremony Fall 2017 Fashion Show Atmosphere

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Backstage: show Opening Ceremony runs are the

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Backstage: show Opening Ceremony Maybe

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How To Watch The Oscars Online & On TV: Ceremony, Red Carpet, Backstage & More

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How To Watch The Oscars Online & On TV: Ceremony, Red Carpet, Backstage & More

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Backstage: show Opening Ceremony


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Backstage: show Opening Ceremony also

2018 Winter Olympics: Scenes From the Opening Ceremony in PyeongChang

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Show Opening Ceremony Backstage:

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Backstage: show Opening Ceremony

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