Beauty Tricks For Christmas Photo Shoot


Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. But the highlight every year was a photo card from cousins who lived on a farm in Pennsylvania. We rarely saw them in person, but we got to watch them grow up in annual photos, first with their adorable Basset Hounds, and eventually with their darling pig, Ruby.

One year, when the kids were grown and far-flung, the card exclusively featured our swine cousin. Once I had a gaggle of babies of my own, I decided to start the annual photo card tradition for our family.

Beauty tricks for Christmas photo shoot

Capturing moments with your camera has never been easier with the ever improving smart phone capabilities, apps, free photography sites and e-books. Whether you are striving for more impressive Instagram-worthy shots on your smart phone, or you are a DSLR photographer in the making, these tricks will help lead you down the road of picture taking mastery. For example, a F2 has a wider aperture than an F A wider aperture decreases the depth of field in your shot making the background more blurred out, but keeping you subject in focus.

Christmas Photoshoot

11 Tips for Better Holiday Photo Cards

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Beauty Tricks For Christmas Photo Shoot

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11 Tips for Better Holiday Photo Cards

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Photoshoot with Christmas Lights, Behind The Scenes

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  • Don't compromise quality for setting.
  • Skip the artsy stuff.
  • For example, a F2 has a wider aperture than an F
  • This will help you with your night sky photography.
  • Choose Aperture Priority and a deep depth of field to get dramatic architecture pictures at night For these shots, a tripod and cable release would be ideal, but not a necessity.
  • Tear it at the center using your hand which will create stretch marks and create a fading transition effect from blurred to sharp region.

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20 Easy Photography Tricks That Will Make You a Picture Taking Master

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20 Easy Photography Tricks That Will Make You a Picture Taking Master

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Beauty tricks for Christmas photo shoot

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Tricks shoot Beauty for Christmas photo


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Beauty tricks for Christmas photo shoot

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