Cannes Film Festival: 25 Of The Best Images


From to the present From to the present The birth of the Cannes Film Festival in It all began in Venice in Under pressure from Hitler and Mussolini, the jury members at the Mostra changed the award winners a few hours before announcing the official results in favour of a Nazi propaganda documentary. Shocked by these events, the French diplomat and historian, Philippe Erlanger, had already begun thinking about organising a free festival, with no pressure and no constraints.

This idea became official when he received approval from the French Ministry of Education at the time, Jean Zay. Unanimous approval for the French Festival The original aspect of the event was emphasised:

Cannes Film Festival: 25 of the best images

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The Best 40 Dress, Cannes Film Festival 2017 Fashion For Women

From retro glamour to a contemporary Cinderella look, Kidman frocks out in Cannes

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Cannes Film Festival: 25 Of The Best Images

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From retro glamour to a contemporary Cinderella look, Kidman frocks out in Cannes

A full Programme! Cannes 2017, the events of the 70th edition

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The Scene at Cannes 2015: Red Carpet Premieres and Beyond (Updating Photos)

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The Scene at Cannes 2015: Red Carpet Premieres and Beyond (Updating Photos)

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67th Cannes Film Festival Fashion Best and Worse dressed

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Cannes Film Festival: 25 of the best images many Andy

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Cannes Film Festival: 25 of the best images White Chiffon Dress

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Cannes Film Festival 2012

  1. Many international cinematographic events were organised and, for a time, filmmaking countries took part in all these competitions so as not to offend the organisers.
  2. He was also the Minister of Cultural Affairs.
  3. Crisis was building in the summer of ; German military operations changed the face of Europe, and only nine countries agreed to take part in the first Festival.
  4. The first festival-goers arrived in August, taking part in sumptuous parties.
  5. Throughout this decade, the International Film Festival took off, and hundreds of journalists attended.
  6. May , the fall of the Cannes fortress France was overcome by a deep social malaise.

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15 vintage shots of the Cannes Film Festival that capture the glamour of the Riviera

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15 vintage shots of the Cannes Film Festival that capture the glamour of the Riviera

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$.02 the Cannes best images 25 of Film Festival: Andrew Banks

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Cannes Film Festival: 25 of the best images

Joaquin Phoenix and Rooney Mara

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Cannes Film Festival: 25 of the best imagesMascara: ranking look at

Cannes Film Festival: 25 Of The Best Images

Cannes Film Festival: 25 of the best images ->

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Cannes Film Festival: 25 of the best images one

Cannes Film Festival 2013

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Best images Cannes the 25 Film of Festival:

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Cannes Film Festival: 25 of the best images