Face Awards Russia 2019: How To Participate?


Scholarships are available for bachelor, masters , postgraduate and postgraduate medical studies internship, clinical residency. Higher education overseas offers an opportunity for growth and development that only a few other experiences can provide so intensely. Studies in Russian universities are carried out in Russian language. Knowledge of Russian language is essential for international students in Russia.

Face Awards Russia 2019: How to participate?

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APPLY NOW: Apply For Bilateral Education Agreement (BEA) Scholarship Awards 2018/2019

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Face Awards Russia 2019: How To Participate?

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APPLY NOW: Apply For Bilateral Education Agreement (BEA) Scholarship Awards 2018/2019

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Scholarship Description:

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Scholarship Description:

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How to Participate:

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Face Awards Russia 2019: How to participate? ensemble, ca

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  1. Knowledge of Russian language is essential for international students in Russia.
  2. The results of international language tests e.
  3. Higher education overseas offers an opportunity for growth and development that only a few other experiences can provide so intensely.
  4. Candidates choosing the training in English or French must have an interview to check their language competency upon arrival.
  5. Knowledge of Russian language is essential for international students in Russia.

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How to Apply for Federal Government BEA Scholarship.

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How to Apply for Federal Government BEA Scholarship.

BEA Scholarship Award Courses for Application.

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BEA Scholarship Award Courses for Application.

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to participate? Face Awards 2019: How Russia

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Face Awards Russia 2019: How to participate?

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To Russia 2019: Face Awards participate? How

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Face Awards Russia 2019: How to participate?