Great Demand: An Interview With The Top Beauty Bloggers


A great industry to work in, therapists in this sector have a wide range of specialisations with various types of employment available ranging to include nail technician jobs and makeup artist jobs. With so many specialisations within the field of beauty, you are sure to find one that entices your senses and flairs up your passion.

Beauty Therapy Specialisations There are a huge number of specialisations within the field of beauty therapy. Whether you want to assist with weight loss or get into the movie industry with makeup artistry, the Beauty Industry is for you.

Great demand: an interview with the top beauty bloggers

Anna Pursglove meets the witty, no-nonsense blogging phenomenon My morning beauty routine can best be described as brief. Less a routine, more a series of hasty remedial measures. The woman who says: Women recognise me and come up to me in the ladies to ask for advice.

Beauty Blogger Laura Lee Shares Top Summer 2017 Beauty Tips, Trends with Candace Rose

Best Spring Beauty Tips And Trends From A Washington DC Beauty Guru

Thanks for sharing your story with us Dennis. I have always had a passion for nature, wildlife and the outdoors. My world was essentially only a very small yard in a decaying alleyway surrounded by an urban jungle of brick and concrete. Arachnids, Ants and other creepy crawlies become my fascination, and very likely started me down my path toward becoming both a naturalist and a wildlife photographer.


By spreading the hashtag with photos celebrating their own achievements, families, friends, and figures in popular culture, women of color are taking control over their image. BlackGirlMagic is considered a worldwide movement of solidarity, self-love, and self-support amongst black women, spread on social media.

Times , she explains: Even celebrities like Willow Smith and Amandla Stenberg have been seen wearing it. Their pages work as promotion for their web service that is to help people of color find advice for their hair by connecting them to the nearest registered stylist.

Great Demand: An Interview With The Top Beauty Bloggers

Meet Jennifer Wang, the Sustainable Siren By Chere Di Boscio Fashion bloggers are undoubtedly a creative force, styling themselves in ways that inspire us to dress better. But quite often, they also encourage mindless consumerism by promoting clothes that reflect passing trends, but soon end up as landfill.

So we were delighted to discover a fashion blogger who nixes trends and favours sustainability. Meet Jennifer Wang, a blogger and a Parsons design student who is truly passionate about sustainable fashion.

Best Spring Beauty Tips And Trends From A Washington DC Beauty Guru

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Training for Beauty Therapists

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Training for Beauty Therapists

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Top 10 YouTube Beauty and Makeup Gurus - TopX Ep.8

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Beauty Therapy Specialisations

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The Most Inspiring Stories in Dallas

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Meet Dennis Stewart of Natures Realm Wildlife Photography in Fort Worth

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10 Blogs Written For Entrepreneurs by Entrepreneurs

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Great demand: an interview with the top beauty bloggers

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Confessions of a Beauty Therapist: How to get into the industry

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