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  • Highlighter: a detailed dossier of beauty

    Highlighter: A Detailed Dossier Of Beauty

    I've never loved it wholeheartedly. In fact, it's probably that frisson of irritation that keeps me coming back day after day. Where else can you find an endless string of naturally stunning women claiming that they're "super low-maintenance" and "don't wear much makeup".

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  • The best cosmetics for the blue, green and brown eyes

    The Best Cosmetics For The Blue, Green And Brown Eyes

    Either they just go with black on the assumption that it will work for every look they desire and also suits everyone, or get excited at the variety and pick wonderful colors that do not work with their eye color, skin tone and hair color. Both routes will lead to eyeliner fail town where your eyes end up looking smaller, and probably dull.

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  • 5 best red lipsticks

    5 Best Red Lipsticks

    Why we picked it: Well-loved social media brand The bottom line: A boutique brand that performs well, but charges for it. You can't talk about liquid lipsticks without mentioning or at least thinking about Kylie Jenner..

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  • 10 Ways to Keep Your Skin Blemish-Free

    10 Ways To Keep Your Skin Blemish-Free

    Since it was such a hit, I wanted to share the info—plus expand on the topic—here, too. I hope you find it helpful. Now, let me ask you: I hope fantastic, but I know it can be a struggle to feel content with your complexion, particularly when an angry pimple—or, ugh, a full-on breakout—pops up..

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  • Why We Always End Up With Products That Don’t Work

    Why We Always End Up With Products That Don’t Work

    By Charles Fishman long Read A gallon-sized jar of whole pickles is something to behold. The jar is the size of a small aquarium. The fat green pickles, floating in swampy juice, look reptilian, their shapes exaggerated by the glass.

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  • The best basis for makeup for oily skin

    The Best Basis For Makeup For Oily Skin

    Thursday, March 1, , Does your makeup settle into your pores and make them more prominent. Well, you may not be able to shrink your large pores but you can definitely hide them or make them look smaller with the help of a foundation..

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