Nail Design With A Green Varnish: 13 Examples


Share this on WhatsApp Decorating hand nails and foot nails with nail polish is known as Nail art and it is popular all over the world. In western countries women spend hours and hours in nail design parlors to beautify their nails. It is must do make up for marriages and hi fi parties.

There are lot of intricate Nail designs that are tailored to festivals and wedding. You can decorate your nails for Christmas , or for birthday with a theme that suits the occasion.

Nail design with a green varnish: 13 examples

Fast forward to today where there are a lot more women in the work force and longer nails are not necessarily always practical. Maintaining them for one thing can be hard enough work itself. On top of that we also have to worry about potentially breaking and scratching them.

To add to that, if your job is manual or even working on a computer, than sometimes it is just not realistic to be able to do your job with long nails.

Nail Art Design 2017

Spring/ Summer 2017 Nail Trends

Metallic nail polish is a type of nail enamel or varnish that exhibits properties of certain metals. It has shiny metallic finish and shade like golden, bronze, silver and gunmetal although other more colorful shades like pink, green, and blue are also available in the market.

Silver metallic nails and gold metallic nails are part of common runway trends for both summer and spring. Other metallic nail colors such as mirror and chrome are also popular designs and trends in manicure fashion.


Varnish also beautifies wood pieces and can help bring out its individual grain and color; it can also be purchased tinted to change the color of the wood. Follow these steps to apply varnish to your wooden furniture. Strong, bright lighting will make it easier for you to spot imperfections such as air bubbles, brushstrokes, dents, and bare patches. Having good ventilation is also important as some varnishes and thinners contain strong fumes, which might make you feel lightheaded or nauseous.

Nail Design With A Green Varnish: 13 Examples

Marbling is a beautiful way to update your nails. It's not the quickest or the tidiest way to paint your nails, but it's certainly fun and creative. Follow this tutorial to learn how to create some fabulous nail art! Steps Preparing the Marbled Water 1 Apply a base coat to your nails.

Spring/ Summer 2017 Nail Trends

Winter nail designs

As it always gets down to the nails, we want to be maximum creative and unique, and now we are going to speak about the top trendy nail design interpretations and innovations we encountered during the shows of the most popular and highly anticipated fashion shows. Rounded Nails Natural touches again seem to be on the go and the following super great interpretation of the trend that has been especially popular and frequently seen during the recent fashion shows is the combos of natural design accents with the natural shapes and lengths of the nails.

Most of the designers marked the quite stable and promisingly long stay of this trend in the hottest positions of nail trends for quite a while. Squared Oval Nails Squared oval shapes are the following trend we noticed during the shows coming as nice and resourceful combinations of sophisticated textures and classic forms. From classic monochrome designs to 3D beaded options we could see everything included in the range of squared oval nails.

It is incredible how such a small canvas can lend itself to so much creativity, and how big of an impact it can have on the whole outfit. Some of the nail stylists this season kept things subdued, while others chose to be loud, with appliques. Either way, short nails can be cute, and there are a ton of nail polish options for them. Oval — Oval nails will always be in style, because their shape is elegant yet practical.

If you mess up 5. White and black polishes are good for nail art 6. Keep your design at it's best 7. Where to buy nail art brushes 8. How to use dotting tools 9.

Mint green nails

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Mint green nails

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1. Black & White Borderline Nail Design

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1. Black & White Borderline Nail Design

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#1. Semi Bare Nails with Splashes of Color


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Nail design with a green varnish: 13 examples colour the

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Blue Nail Polish-Tiffany, Light, Royal, Navy, Baby, Matte, Designs, Colors & Meaning

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Ombre / Gradient Your Nails Perfectly!

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30 Cool Matte Nail Art Designs

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30 Cool Matte Nail Art Designs

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Simple nails

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design green varnish: with a examples Nail 13 live, you learn

Finger nails


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Nail design with a green varnish: 13 examples

#2. 3 Dimensional Appliques

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Nail designs for christmas

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80 Nail Designs for Short Nails

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Green a design examples with Nail varnish: 13

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Nail design with a green varnish: 13 examples