The Atrium Opened A Unique Boutique Giorgio Armani Beauty


Whether you bought a bar of chocolate or a bottle of perfume, what made that experience special? Was it the attentive customer service, the pleasant aromas of the boutique? You might not realise, but behind every excellent shopping experience is a team working hard to create it.

It all started when I studied at the ISIPCA perfumery school in France, where I discovered the world of fragrances, developed my expertise in ingredients and learnt how to train others on it.

The Atrium opened a unique boutique Giorgio Armani Beauty

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The Atrium Opened A Unique Boutique Giorgio Armani Beauty

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Fashion. Beauty. Business.

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Armani Boutique opening

The travel retail specialist's multibrand luxury store will open at The Palazzo hotel.

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The travel retail specialist's multibrand luxury store will open at The Palazzo hotel.

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The Atrium opened a unique boutique Giorgio Armani Beauty DESSUS



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Hudson Group’s Hotel Retail Concept, The Atrium, to Bow at The Palazzo in Las Vegas

  1. Simply touch our Japanese super organza fabric.
  2. Simply touch our Japanese super organza fabric.
  3. Personal passions, the desire to learn, and curiosity gives you the drive you need to take on an ambitious role.
  4. The objective was to reinvent the way we want people to discover our fragrances by using a specific diffusion system inside of a glass bell.
  5. The objective was to reinvent the way we want people to discover our fragrances by using a specific diffusion system inside of a glass bell.

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Giorgio Armani Beauty

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Giorgio Armani Beauty

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Armani Box

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Armani boutique Atrium Beauty The Giorgio a opened unique look like wheel


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The Atrium opened a unique boutique Giorgio Armani Beauty

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The Atrium opened a unique boutique Giorgio Armani Beauty wore black

Driving A Unique Client Experience Through Retail Education

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Armani boutique Atrium opened Giorgio The a Beauty unique


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The Atrium opened a unique boutique Giorgio Armani Beauty