The Most Useful Beauty Tools


My husband and I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. With three perpetually hungry, growing children and hearty appetites of our own, food disappears almost as soon as it comes through the door. We cook for at least an hour each night, and try to make it easier by putting in hours of prep on weekends to ease the pressure of busy weeknights. And yet, I still reach for the same few tools every time I start work in the kitchen.

The most useful beauty tools

May 30th, by Karen 62 Comments Great things have been achieved with the simplest of inventions. And simple beauty tools that make life so much easier and happier. Imagine removing facial hair with a spring, pinning up your hair with Velcro, or using tape to reinforce or alter the shape of your eyelid.

My Favourite Beauty Tools & Devices

5 Wacky but Extremely Useful Beauty Tools!

It's easier to use in tight or awkward situations than its corded counterpart. In addition, there's no cord getting in your way or potentially throwing your cut out of line. The cordless version, however, tend to be less powerful than the standard corded circular saw, so for tough jobs and heavier lumber, go with the old standby -- a good quality corded circular saw.


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The Most Useful Beauty Tools

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5 Wacky but Extremely Useful Beauty Tools!

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How I Clean My Beauty Tools

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The most useful beauty tools got showcard

The Most Useful Tool Ever!


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10 Beauty Tools Every Ladies Should have in 2017

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The most useful beauty tools

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32 Essential And Inexpensive Tools Everyone Should Own

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The most useful beauty tools

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