What Is The Trend With Fashion Weeks Is Best For You?


From power blazers and ski sweaters to velvet pants and bold stripes, garments were eye-catching and statement-making in Milan, Paris, London and New York. Displaying a penchant for excess, the street style stars took their looks to the brink of over-the-top without ever going over and, as a result, numerous new trends have emerged.

Yes, the power blazer is back. Complete with bold shoulder pads, this fashion staple from 30 years ago is on-trend once more. To rock it for yourself, be sure to choose a style with a vintage check design and an oversized silhouette.

What is the trend with fashion weeks is best for you?

By Tamar Najarian Updated on February 22, New York Fashion Week is officially over, but we are just beginning to fully digest all the incredible new fall fashion trends that have been presented. We will be releasing a huge fashion trend report towards the end of the fashion weeks soon enough, but we really wanted to focus your attention on the pieces that are going to be the staple of your fall wardrobe in a few months.

After all, you will literally be shining bright with your street looks.

Anna Wintour Reflects on New York’s Spring 2018 Collections

See-Through Bags Have Taken Over The Streets

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What Is The Trend With Fashion Weeks Is Best For You?

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See-Through Bags Have Taken Over The Streets

1. Baker Boy Hats

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New York Fashion Week, Where Cultural Appropriation Never Goes Out of Style: The Daily Show

2. Side Stripe Trousers

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2. Side Stripe Trousers

#2: High Waists

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2. Belt Bags


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does What is the trend with fashion weeks is best for you? January 1st, 1966

10 Coolest Accessory Trends from Spring/Summer 2018 Fashion Weeks

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10 Coolest Accessory Trends from Spring/Summer 2018 Fashion Weeks

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#1: Fashion Protests

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#1: Fashion Protests

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The 10 Biggest Trends from Paris Fashion Week Spring 2017

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1. Checkered Power Blazers with Shoulder Pads


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What is the trend with fashion weeks is best for you?

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Problem you What is the trend with fashion weeks is best for you? you! The model

The 10 Biggest Trends from Paris Fashion Week Spring 2017

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What is the trend with fashion weeks is best for you?

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