Why Do You Need Primer?


Because primers do not need to be engineered to form a durable finished surface, they can instead be engineered to have improved filling and binding properties with the material underneath. Sometimes this is achieved by chemistry, as in the case of aluminium primer, but more often this is achieved through controlling the primer's physical properties, such as porosity, tackiness, and hygroscopy.

Primer as a step in the coating process of a car body. In practice primer is often used when painting many kinds of porous materials, such as concrete and especially wood see detailed description below. Priming is mandatory if the material is not water resistant and will be exposed to the elements.

Tweet Primers are not always nec essary in every painting project. To know when you should use a primer you first have to understand what types of primers are available and what they're intended to be used for. The best way to understand their intended uses is to first look at them by primer categories.


What Is Makeup Primer, And Do You Need It?

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Top 5 Reasons To A Wear Face Primer

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Primer (paint)

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Why do I need to use primer?

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Why do you need primer?