A Not So New Skin Game Changer


Game Changer How I Got Great Skin In 10 Days I used to be a serial dater when it came to skin careoil cleanser one night, abrasive scrubs the next, face masks three times a week. You'd think that would all add up to a killer nomakeup selfie, right? I got acne in places I didn't even know you could break out and my skin was red and irritated all the time.

Today, my skin is the best it's ever been and here's why. When I started my job as the Assistant Editor of The Wink , I, like all Clinique employees, attended an in-depth seminar where I learned a lot about skin and the history of Clinique and was given the iconic 3-Step Skin Care System to try.

A Not So New Skin Game Changer

Your Skin-Saving Guide To Winter Twinkling holiday lights, frothy hot chocolate, snowy sidewalks and puffy down coatsthese are the joys of winter. Then, you walk indoors and the dry heat does the same thing. Ignoring it can result in chronic dryness, which can lead to inflammation and a breakdown of collagen no thanks!

From layering moisturizers and switching up your cleanser to guzzling more water, read on for expert tips on how to stay soft, smooth and comfortable in your skin all winter long.

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PSA: This Vegan Skin Care Line At Sephora Is Under $20 & Its A Game Changer

The famous multi-step skin care routine, which typically ranges from five to twelve steps, is the heart of traditional Korean beauty practice. There are so many steps involved because each product used is hyper-targeted for one area of concern. You take time to apply them because you appreciate that skin carehowever simple or intricateis a luxury.

And you treat your skin gently, because you believe it helps maintain firmness and resilience in the long term.


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A Not So New Skin Game Changer

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PSA: This Vegan Skin Care Line At Sephora Is Under $20 & Its A Game Changer

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  • Liquid Facial Soap is designed to remove dirt and oil and raise the pH level of your skin.
  • Follow up with a pampering petrolatum-based lip balm, which will lock in moisture and act as a barrier from the harsh elements.
  • Dull, ashy, flaky complexion.
  • All of the Dramatically Different Moisturizers restore lost moisture by duplicating the exact oil and water balance that naturally occurs in healthy skin so you receive the perfect amount of both.
  • Liquid Facial Soap Extra-Mild gently removes makeup, while also moisturizing skin and soothing irritation.
  • Clarifier A clarifying product provides gentle exfoliation that you can do twice a day, every dayand it allows my other products to sink right in and do their best work.

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Skin Changer Mod v0.5.1 file

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A Not So New Skin Game Changer

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