Backstage: Show Jonathan Simkhai


And coming out on the other side of it often leaves one feeling as though they need a deep, long sleep. Sure, it's easy to kick back and absorb all of the content coursing through your phone from afar, but if you're really entrenched in early-morning client breakfasts that turn into showroom visits, and backstage interviews in between an overbooked schedule of shows to make, it makes sense you'd need a little recovery time.

To demystify what really goes on between all the 'grams and runway reports, we followed Refinery29's Annie Georgia Greenberg during three of her busiest days at fashion week. Lucky for her, Uber was at her beck and call to make her jam-packed schedule slightly more manageable, scooting her around town so she didn't miss a beat — or fall victim to those untimely rainstorms.

Get a play-by-play of her favorite moments in the diary ahead — from going backstage at the Jonathan Simkhai show to an impromptu coworker carpool to even finding time to sneak in some sit-down lunches, which, as any seasoned FW-goer can tell you, is a serious luxury.

Backstage: show Jonathan Simkhai

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Jonathan Simkhai

Jonathan Simkhai - Backstage - February 2018 - New York Fashion Week: The Shows

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Backstage: Show Jonathan Simkhai

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Jonathan Simkhai - Backstage - February 2018 - New York Fashion Week: The Shows

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Jonathan Simkhai Spring 2018 Fashion Show Backstage

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Jonathan Simkhai Spring 2018 Fashion Show Backstage

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Jonathan Simkhai

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On Our Radars: The Sleek and Romantic Look at Jonathan Simkhai F/W 2018


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Jonathan Simkhai

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Jonathan Simkhai

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Jonathan Simkhai Fall 2018 Fashion Show

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Jonathan Simkhai Fall 2018 Fashion Show

Jonathan Simkhai S/S 2018: Wild Texture, Airy Curls

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Backstage: show Jonathan Simkhai


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Jonathan Simkhai

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Backstage: show Jonathan Simkhai lips !!!

Can Dressing For Utility Be Romantic? Designers Jonathan Simkhai, Dion Lee Say Yes

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Show Simkhai Backstage: Jonathan

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Backstage: show Jonathan Simkhai