Egyptian Queen Makeover: Photo Instruction


There are so many more fun details to share, but one of my very favorites has got to be the downright fabulous DIY Gold Arm Cuffs that Bettijo made from empty toilet paper rolls, macaroni and spray paint. I ran the idea past my husband who is used to my crazy elaborate party ideas by now , and being the darling Superdad that he is, he figured out a way to build a tent-inspired structure using mainly wire, fabric and safety pins!

See Faux Tent how-to below. The tent turned out amazing and definitely set the scene for the rest of our activities.

Egyptian queen makeover: Photo instruction

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Egyptian Queen Makeover: Photo Instruction

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Egyptian queen makeover: Photo instruction b/c wasn't

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Crime and Egyptian queen makeover: Photo instruction Canada, November 2018

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cares Photo instruction queen makeover: Egyptian had cried twice

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Egyptian queen makeover: Photo instruction


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Photo instruction Egyptian queen makeover:

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Egyptian queen makeover: Photo instruction

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