Frosted A Top Coating Of Lacquer: They Need To Know?


However, this is a great time to be collecting CDs. My job is to get you aquainted with the hobby so that you know what to look for and to grow the hobby in general. In order for a hobby to progress it has to have structure and a knowledge base. First, the discussions on this site will primarily deal with CDs made for the american market.

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Frosted a top coating of lacquer: they need to know?

Few, however, will reply that all modern finishes are food-safe once fully cured, a conclusion supported by two recognized experts on finishing, and the United States Department of Agriculture. Note that the USDA does express a residual concern about finishes that chip. In that case pick beeswax and offer to sell an accessory container of it works wonders for profits.

By Bob Flexner It's a shame, but many woodworkers worry about which finish to use on objects that will come into contact with food or children's mouths.

Spraying Lacquer. How To Spray Lacquer w/ Airless Sprayer.

"Frosted Duco" Finish

I am in the process of restoring a National "Duolian" metal-bodied guitar. These instruments were produced with what was known as a "frosted Duco" finish, which gave the instrument the appearance of being coated with frost flowers such as those that appear on a cold window in wintertime. Can anyone tell me how this finish was achieved and whether there are currently any products available that would allow me to reproduce it?

This instrument was apparently stripped and sprayed with a Krylon-type paint in the early 's; I am trying to restore it to it's former glory.


Without some kind of finish to protect it from the elements, wood can become as dry and lifeless as day-old toast. Coating wood cabinetry, furniture, or trim with a clear finish, whether you stain it or not, gives it richness and depth while protecting it from knocks, scrapes, and the weather. Use this guide to learn more about choosing and using polyurethane, the toughest of the clear coatings.

Then you can be sure you're using just the right finish to bring out the beauty of wood around your house.

Frosted A Top Coating Of Lacquer: They Need To Know?

Advice from the Pros: The Right Way to Re-Finish Kitchen Cabinets If you've looked at the price of kitchen cabinets lately then you know they can get costly fast. So if your kitchen is in need of a makeover, repainting is a smart way to give the cabinetry a fresh new look without breaking the bank. Previously-painted wood cabinets are prime candidates, of course, but so are wood cabinets with a clear varnish or lacquer finish:

Plastic film on roofing sheets

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Plastic film on Vermont B-B-Q Grill

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Plastic film on Vermont B-B-Q Grill

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The Basics: How to Varnish Miniatures (and Remove Frosting)

Frosted Glass

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Frosted Glass

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The Folly of Food-Safe Finishes

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The Folly of Food-Safe Finishes

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What's the best way to touch up a matte black frame?

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What's the best way to touch up a matte black frame?

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Frosted a top coating of lacquer: they need to know?

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Guide to Clear Finishes

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Frosted a top coating of lacquer: they need to know?