How To Apply Concealer On Your Face: Video Tutorial


Did this video help you? Yes No Before you apply concealer, wash your face and put on a moisturizer. Once your moisturizer is completely rubbed in, dab concealer over the circles under your eyes using your finger or a makeup sponge. Blend the concealer in so it goes all the way up to your lower eyelids.

How to apply concealer on your face: video tutorial

Applying a basic, natural look doesn't require a lot of skill or tools. You can do lots of the blending with your fingertips, and choose to leave out certain products if they don't appeal to you. So have no fear: Steps Laying the Groundwork 1 Start with clean skin.


Base Makeup: 4 Steps to Getting a Flawless Face

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How To Apply Concealer On Your Face: Video Tutorial

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Base Makeup: 4 Steps to Getting a Flawless Face

Step 1: Hydrate + Foundation

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Step 2: Apply Concealer

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Step 2: Apply Concealer

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How to Apply Foundation and Concealer for Beginners

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How to apply concealer on your face: video tutorial silk


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How to apply concealer on your face: video tutorial

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Face: tutorial on video to How concealer apply your

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How to apply concealer on your face: video tutorial

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