How To Make A Smoky Ayc Depending On The Shape Of The Eye?


Creating a Simple Smoky Eye 1 Smudge eyeliner along your lash lines. A basic smoky eye usually starts with eyeliner. Use a creamy pencil liner, and run it along your upper and lower lash lines. You should keep the liner thinner on the lower lash line, but you can go a little thicker across the upper lash line.

Next, smudge the liner with a small brush, your finger, or a cotton bud to soften it.

How to make a smoky ayc depending on the shape of the eye?

Find out how you can create gorgeous smokey eyes so you can look your best at every special event. It is believed that the eyes are the gate to the soul and this is why beautiful eyes attract so much attention. Eye makeup is one of the best ways to enhance your facial features by making them pop.

There are a variety of ways you can enhance your eyes, depending on preference and the shape of your eyes.

Simple Smokey Eye for Beginners

How To Apply Make Up To Bulging Eyes

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How To Make A Smoky Ayc Depending On The Shape Of The Eye?

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How To Apply Make Up To Bulging Eyes

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Lee Hair How to make a smoky ayc depending on the shape of the eye? Russia May 2019


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How to Contour Your Eyes for Your Eye Shape

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How to Contour Your Eyes for Your Eye Shape

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How to make a smoky ayc depending on the shape of the eye?

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How to make a smoky ayc depending on the shape of the eye? are still VERY

How to Apply Eye Makeup Based on Your Eye Shape

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How to make a smoky ayc depending on the shape of the eye?