How To Make A Sweet Makeover?


It's easier to imagine a new room if there's no clutter. Without a game plan, there will be more obstacles than even the best interior designer can handle. Try not to choose your favorite colors right now, because chances are you'll get over them in due time. Pick colors that you've enjoyed almost all your life and that have been cherished almost from your childhood till now.

How to make a sweet makeover?

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Sweet Candy Makeover

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How To Make A Sweet Makeover?

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Sweet Candy Makeover

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  1. You can make an accent wall by painting a pattern like polka dots, or stripes.
  2. If you want a cozier feeling room for example, try just covering your lights to soften them, hanging and draping fabric from your ceiling, and use small lamps instead of ceiling flood lights to dim your room.
  3. When you take a trip to the paint shop, you might change your mind about your color scheme.
  4. It's very important to get drawers and such, otherwise your belongings would end up on the floor.
  5. You can put gift wrapper matching your wall color to make you cardboard box attractive.

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Makeover Sweet Kugel Recipe

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How to make a sweet makeover?

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How to make a sweet makeover? lil' gun that

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How to make a sweet makeover?