• How to use stamping?

    How To Use Stamping?

    History[ edit ] Stamped parts were used for mass-produced bicycles in the s. Stamping replaced die forging and machining, resulting in greatly reduced cost. Although not as strong as die forged parts, they were of good enough quality.

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  • How to make sweet wedding manicure: Photo instruction

    How To Make Sweet Wedding Manicure: Photo Instruction

    Top coat 2 Set up your workspace. Nail polish and remover can damage many surfaces such as cloth, wood finish and plastic. Wear an expendable t-shirt and no valuable accessories, sit at a desk or table, and protect it with scrap paper not newsprint, which smudges.

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  • Suitable for brown mascara?

    Suitable For Brown Mascara?

    Which is funny, because you'd think it'd be a go-to choice for so many people--particular those who reside in the "pale as heck" camp avec moi. Don't get me wrong, I love a dark-as-night black mascara , but there's just something more natural and soft about a brown mascara that creates a truly feminine and balanced look. Bette Davis actually preferred brown mascara, claiming they were her beauty secret.

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  • Indian Makeup: What is it?

    Indian Makeup: What Is It?

    India Walks a Thin Line to Beauty by Aruna Radhakrishna After browsing through the Indian magazine, Gentleman, with its special tribute to Indian women, I was absolutely shocked, disgusted and annoyed. My father had just returned from India and brought me this magazine. Since I was a journalism major he thought I'd like to see writing from different parts of the world..

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