Matting Agents And Their Types


Fillers Silica Matting Agent In the broad field of obtainable silicas for matting there are two groups which differ in terms of their production process. One is the hydro-thermal process, which produces silicas with a relatively soft morphology By using the silica-gel process products can be obtained which have a harder morphology Both processes can produce standard silica and after treated products.

After treatment means that the silica surface can be partially modified with organic waxes or inorganic materials. Compared to silica-gel matting agents, modified silica possesses a different particle size, particle size distribution, in the pore volume. Hydrothermal matting agents are different in particle size and distribution.

Matting agents and their types

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Cleaning Agents Used in Hotel Housekeeping : List Types (Tutorial 9)

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Matting Agents And Their Types

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6 Types of Agents

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Matting agents and their types

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  • They will evaluate products, different in chemical composition, production and concentration, and recognize during incorporation, differences in dispersing properties.
  • Features of Silica Matting Agents Silicas have a relatively high efficiency in terms of matting power When used in higher concentration, an increase in viscosity could be observed During storage they tend to build up sediment, this is particularly the case with untreated silicas.
  • Hydrothermal matting agents are different in particle size and distribution.
  • Parameters Influencing the Matt Effect Users will usually test more than one quality of matting agent.
  • Features of Silica Matting Agents Silicas have a relatively high efficiency in terms of matting power When used in higher concentration, an increase in viscosity could be observed During storage they tend to build up sediment, this is particularly the case with untreated silicas.
  • Via Concentrates Masterbatch There are positive and negative aspects related to masterbatch production.
  • Viscosity and transparency for clear, sensitive applications should be compared to a standard.

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Dispersing Agents

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Dispersing Agents

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Matting agents and their types

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Types Matting their agents and

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Matting agents and their types

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