Nail Polish Essie: Everything You Need To Know About Them


Maybe you are here thinking that a nice well-manicure should be super bold, long, high-end and ultra glossy? Well, we are here to change your beliefs. Some matte nail manicures can be charming as well, and you should wear them as often as you wear your glossy nails. Matte nail polish is especially brilliant if you are about to spice up your manicure with something bolder, darker and more mysterious.

All About Matte Nail Polish That is a nail polish that has a different dry down effect compared to a glossy nail polish.

Nail polish Essie: everything you need to know about them

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BEAUTYGEEKS: Essie Gel Couture tutorial + review

10 Things No One Ever Tells You About: Nail Polish

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Nail Polish Essie: Everything You Need To Know About Them

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10 Things No One Ever Tells You About: Nail Polish

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How do an at-home manicure with essie gel couture polish:

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How do an at-home manicure with essie gel couture polish:

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My Favorite Essie Nail Polishes

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Essie® 'Encrusted' Nail Polish

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Everything you need to know about the queen of nail polish, Essie Weingarten

  1. They are not hard to achieve, they look beautiful, and will make you feel like a unique princess after you get them.
  2. Use some eyeshadow which is super cheap as well as old.
  3. So chic and timeless, matte nails should be your next go-to choice.
  4. Some matte nail manicures can be charming as well, and you should wear them as often as you wear your glossy nails.

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Featured Colours from The Essie Gel Couture Collection:

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Featured Colours from The Essie Gel Couture Collection:

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All About Matte Nail Polish

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10 Things No One Ever Tells You About: Nail Polish


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Nail polish Essie: everything you need to know about them

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Nail polish Essie: everything you need to know about them Mobille SS15 Paris

Everything You Need to Know About Jelly Nail Polishes

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