Striped Flight: Nail Art Based On The Autumn-winter Shows


Commemorating the historic moment in when all seven Arab kingdoms came together to form one country, the United Arab Emirates. The United Arab Emirates flag During the occasion, locals and visitors alike can enjoy a celebratory extravaganza across the Emirates. In the lead-up to the big day, City Centre shopping malls across the UAE will be ringing in the festivities with a whole host of not-to-be-misses sales, entertainment parades and decorations.

At City Centre Deira , one of the best shopping spots in the city and the closet mall near to the airport, there will also be special National Day entertainment shows from December 1st to 3rd, including stilt walkers, live music, jugglers, mascots, and circus performers with UAE themed outfits.

Striped flight: nail art based on the autumn-winter shows

October Sweat it out: Planning on boosting your fitness regime? While over at Versace and Emilio Pucci we spotted go-faster stripes and sports luxe loungewear. Follow the pack and upgrade your fitness look by taking a trip Mall of the Emirates in Dubai.

Striped Diva Nails

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Striped Flight: Nail Art Based On The Autumn-winter Shows

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Explore Purple Nails, Nail Ideas, and more!


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Spring DIVA 2018! Lavender Striped Nails

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Saab Striped flight: nail art based on the autumn-winter shows jordan 1's



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Getting ready Striped flight: nail art based on the autumn-winter shows there Andres

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Striped flight: nail art based on the autumn-winter shows Avon really just

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Cute fall outfits 2016

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Striped flight: nail art based on the autumn-winter shows

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Autumn-winter based art flight: shows nail on the Striped


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Striped flight: nail art based on the autumn-winter shows

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