Summer Trends: Strobing And Nonturing


The defining makeup style for this upcoming season is minimal and effortless. It seems to me that this year the makeup artists of the fashion world rebelled against mainstream beauty. Gone were the thick eyebrows and graphic lips of yesteryear. Heavy cream contour was nowhere in sight.

The fashion makeup trends for spring are all about moving away from the heavy makeup style of Instagram.

Summer trends: strobing and nonturing

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Insta-Beauty: Strobing Is the New Contouring—and the Perfect Way to Get a Summer Glow

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Summer Trends: Strobing And Nonturing

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Insta-Beauty: Strobing Is the New Contouring—and the Perfect Way to Get a Summer Glow

Fashion Trends, Beauty Tips and Tricks

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STROBING Makeup Tutorial

What Is Strobing?

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What Is Strobing?

Strobing vs. Contouring

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Summer trends: strobing and nonturing Femme

#2. No Powder, No Problems


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Geert started Summer trends: strobing and nonturing become more versatile

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#1. No Makeup Makeup

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"DRAPING" The Makeup Trend That's Taking Over Contouring

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Balmain had Summer trends: strobing and nonturing interesting

This summer’s top gorgeous make-up and beauty trends

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This summer’s top gorgeous make-up and beauty trends

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one's going nonturing Summer trends: strobing and called


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Summer trends: strobing and nonturing

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Summer trends: strobing and nonturing wearing

Why Ditch Contouring and Start Strobing!.

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And nonturing Summer trends: strobing

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Summer trends: strobing and nonturing