Trend: The Arrow In The Form Of A Knife Blade


JULY, Accusharp, which makes our winning manual degree knife sharpener, recently released a model designed for degree knives. We ran it through the same protocols used in this story and added it to the chart below. In addition to being thin and lightweight, these blades have a supernarrow cutting edge, which helps make them razor-sharp. After years of testing dozens of knives, our repeat favorite is from Victorinox, a Swiss-made knife that is sharpened to 15 degrees on either side of the edge, allowing it to push and slide through food more easily than do more traditional European blades sharpened to at least 20 degrees.

To maintain that narrow edge, we use a tool specifically designed to sharpen a blade to 15 degrees.

Trend: the arrow in the form of a knife blade

Sales shot up, and several knife manufacturers, both Asian and Western, scrambled to create their own versions or promote their models to Americans. The appeal was the friendly shape of the blade: Some knife experts claim that santokus are suited only for cutting softer vegetables and boneless meat, not for thornier kitchen tasks such as breaking down bone-in chicken and hard vegetables.

So our question was:

Knifemaking - How to make a knife bevel

Knifemaking 101 – Read This Before You Make a Knife

March 7, by Wayne Goddard Read the entire lesson, from start to finish, including color photos, in this download. Once I get started, it becomes a matter of problem solving and never giving up. There are no square corners—everything is rounded, smooth and friendly. There was no thought as to knife proportions or design principles.


The Mark of the Handmade Knife This page is about knife maker's marks, stamps, logos, signatures and emblems in general, and my maker's mark in particular. There isn't a great deal of information about knife maker's marks on the internet, and I hope that this will answer some of the many questions people have about the mark. This is not a catalog of maker's marks, and I have no interest in creating one, but I do know that some interests are moving in that direction, which is a good thing.

I look forward to a day when maker's marks are registered in some international database, but today, I know of no such thing.

Trend: The Arrow In The Form Of A Knife Blade

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Knifemaking 101 – Read This Before You Make a Knife

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The 7 Best Knives of 2017

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Knife Sharpeners

  • You may not want to be a wood carver but this exercise will get you started on your journey to being a knifemaker.
  • I thought that my mark ought to be unique, and the y in my first name was silent anyway, so it worked out well.
  • Hundreds and hundreds of my knives were marked with this method, and it creates the finest, clearest line with deep dark gray or black etching that is permanent.
  • I write the weight on the test piece with pencil and then put it under my epoxy curing light.
  • I thought that my mark ought to be unique, and the y in my first name was silent anyway, so it worked out well.
  • The mark is limited in resolution by the graver cut, but it is a chance to demonstrate the engraver's skill.

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Jay Fisher - World Class Knifemaker

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Trend: the arrow in the form of a knife blade

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Santoku Knives

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Trend: the arrow in the form of a knife blade