What You Disney Princess?


Created by Disney Consumer Products chairman Andy Mooney in the late s, the franchise spotlights a line-up of fictional female heroines who have appeared in various Disney animated feature films. The franchise currently comprises eleven female protagonists from ten different Walt Disney Animation Studios films and one Pixar film who are either royal by birth, royal by marriage, or considered a "princess" due to their significant portrayal of heroism in their film.

Most of the unofficial Disney Princesses do not join the line-up either because marketing is not successful, their film's box office gross did not fare well, or they are too young. In the case of Anna and Elsa , they ended up getting their own franchise because of how successful their movie was and didn't need to join the line-up. It later expanded to include Tiana , Rapunzel , and Merida after the successes of their respective films.

What you Disney princess?

Belle is the fifth Disney Princess, first introduced in Disney's 30th animated feature film Beauty and the Beast When her father Maurice is imprisoned by a hideous beast , Belle sacrifices her own freedom in return for his. At first frightened by the Beast's physical appearance and repulsed by his selfishness, Belle learns to appreciate him after he rescues her from a pack of hungry wolves, expressing her gratitude by tending to his wounds.

While the Beast's love for Belle gradually results in him adapting a more friendly and civil manner, Belle befriends him, eventually managing to fall in love with him by the time the last petal falls off an enchanted rose, which ultimately breaks a spell cast on him and transforms him back into a handsome prince.


Quiz: What % Disney Princess Are You?

Who are the Disney Princesses? Do you like this video? Disney Princess is a media franchise owned by The Walt Disney Company, originally created by Disney Consumer Products chairman Andy Mooney in the late s and officially launched in


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What You Disney Princess?

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Quiz: What % Disney Princess Are You?

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"Descendants 2" Stars Find Out Which Disney Princess They Are

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What you Disney princess? was

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WHICH DISNEY PRINCESS ARE YOU? (Ariel, Belle, Aurora, Jasmine, Anna and Elsa Frozen)

What Is Your Disney Princess Name?

  1. Other fairies were created specifically for the franchise.
  2. She acquires the title of Princess Consort through her marriage to Prince Eric, though it is unclear whether he is a Prince Regnant most likely , the son of a King, or both.
  3. She has magical powers to create ice and snow which she tries to hide at the beginning of the movie.
  4. Soon after realizing the demand, the Disney Princess line was formed.

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Which Disney Princess Are You?

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Which Disney Princess Are You?

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What you Disney princess?

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Disney Princess

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Princess? What you Disney

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