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  • 6 beauty-invisible tricks

    6 Beauty-invisible Tricks

    That chick is soo fucking hot. Thanks a lotb there Holy shit that was a lot of cum. com" Anyone who knows who the girl with the glasses who first appears at 2:24 is.

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  • Trend: colored eyebrows

    Trend: Colored Eyebrows

    The Eyes Have It: Brow Trends Throughout History celebrity September 21, The way women have worn their eyebrows continues to change with the decades. Today many consider the perfect eyebrow to be a thick, yet defined brow, but back in the s stars preferred to have pencil-thin eyebrows with a severe downward-curving tail. As we go back through history we see the shape change drastically..

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  • Splashed blue: the daily make-up with bright blue accent

    Splashed Blue: The Daily Make-up With Bright Blue Accent

    The most popular reason for this is the belief that hot hues are supposed to stimulate the appetite. But then, many of those rules have been challenged and rightfully so by modern designers who have put an end to the myth that dining rooms look good only in yellow, red or orange.

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  • What are the primers and what are their main differences?

    What Are The Primers And What Are Their Main Differences?

    Laurie Holland Most shooters and handloaders know that the primer plays a vital role. However, whilst a complete or partial misfire is obvious, inconsistent performance is more common and frequently hard to quantify, or even recognise. Even when the primer is superbly made and its specification well matched to the cartridge and propellant, it is only one part of the cartridge ignition system.

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  • Gift Ideas for March 8 from blogger Nikkoko8

    Gift Ideas For March 8 From Blogger Nikkoko8

    In a broad sense, this holiday celebrates people who are serving or were serving the Russian Armed Forces. Due to a common Russian stereotype that the role of the defender is reserved for males, the holiday has more recently come to celebrate Russia's men as a whole.

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