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  • 3 errors when using highlighter

    3 Errors When Using Highlighter

    You could have seriously bruised her kidneys - a big no no. 69?. The actress who's made supergirl series "It's funny how the pussies of the porn world only seem real when you viddy them on the screen..

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  • White-gold manicure: 20 ideas

    White-gold Manicure: 20 Ideas

    There are as many ways you could do your nails as the stars in the sky. In this regard, what do you think of black and white nails. This is a classic color combination which would perfectly fit a wide variety of events — from casual walk in the park, through a hot night in the club, to a classy business dinner..

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  • Make-up after 50 years, of which the young

    Make-up After 50 Years, Of Which The Young

    One thing that became clear is that it's all about wearing the things you like and want to wear, regardless of age. Assuming that new trends are too young for you is just as limiting as choosing the same styles you wore a decade ago. Find a way to take the trends that catch your eye and wear them in a way that you like..

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  • Makeup for blue eyes: ideas and tips

    Makeup For Blue Eyes: Ideas And Tips

    Eye Shadow for Blue Eyes Fresh Styles of Makeup for Blue Eyes This photo tutorial on eye shadow for blue eyes brings color and technique together for fresh looks and new makeup tips for blue eyes. L'Oreal Golden Sage I love having blue eyes. You can use many different colors of eyeshadow and liner with them, and it almost always turns out well.

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