3 Errors When Using Highlighter


As an assessment consultant, I could go on and on about the value of using rigorous assessment tools for selecting better talent into an organization, as well as for developing employees as part of a talent management strategy. There are plenty of data to suggest that well designed assessment tools deliver a competitive edge and provide companies a very significant return on investment.

However, what often gets overlooked when implementing assessment tools is making hiring managers aware of some of the common situations in which they can be used improperly. Below are 3 common errors made when using assessment tools that highlight such situations, followed by a discussion with some specific examples.

A very common example of judging a test based on poor data occurs when a handful of employees who are deemed top performers are asked to take an assessment as a litmus test of the tool.

3 errors when using highlighter

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How to Make ANY Highlight Pop - Drugstore AND Highend

5 Highlighter Mistakes You Could Be Making

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3 Errors When Using Highlighter

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5 Highlighter Mistakes You Could Be Making

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How Do I Highlight in Microsoft Word?

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3 errors when using highlighter

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The 3 errors when using highlighter Fofana (O)

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3 errors when using highlighter

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