5 Current Colors For Eye Makeup New Year


Find out which are the most popular makeup styles so you can benefit from all. Knowing the most popular makeup styles can only benefit you as makeup is very important when it comes to physical aspect. Makeup trends are constantly changing and every decade seems to be characterized by a certain makeup style. Being fashionable is not all about adopting the latest trends, it is about choosing the style that suits you best, therefore here are some of the most popular makeup styles to choose from so you can look stunning every time.

5 current colors for eye makeup New Year

While the timeless minimal makeup trend, the passionate red lipstick and mysterious smokey eye look have managed to preserve their strong positions for the new season to come, there are also new exciting and sometimes even eccentric beauty trends emerging that will ensure your absolutely jaw-dropping appearance at any event. Barely There Natural Makeup No makeup can ever be compared with the perfect no makeup look, mastering which requires a profound skin care first of all, since you definitely want to show off your healthy complexion when going out bare-faced.

Placing the focus either on the translucent skin or bronzed complexion, nude makeup was spotted multiple times on the runway during the shows of A-list fashion designers and brands.

? Cut Crease Glam New Years 2016

12 Best Eyeshadows

It is all about making a scene and showing off your individuality. When did they leave the fashion scene anyhow? Makeup is and always will be the way a woman paints on her own skin, using the face as a canvas, expressing herself however she may wish. It requires a certain amount of skill to handle the beauty looks, to create them and be able to show them off with as much confidence as some of the models on the Fashion Week runways have been able to do.


From the lightest golds to the darkest smokey colors it all works for you. Still, there are times when you might wonder which colors to choose. Makeup Notebook is the first to reveal this method to identify your level of color and find the right shades to make your peepers pop.

Browns tend to be naturally deeper in color and because of that you can wear the darker colors that other women have to pass on. Just as with other eye colors, there are different levels and these makeup tips for brown eyes will tell you which colors look outstanding on you and which to pass on.

5 Current Colors For Eye Makeup New Year

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12 Best Eyeshadows

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Get the Look: Shiny Red Lips

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Beautiful Brown Eyes

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2018 New Years Eve Makeup Trends & Ideas

Eye Makeup Tips For Women Over 40

  • Clear Lipglass for a Pout One of the loveliest pouts can actually be created with clear lip-gloss and lipglass, defining the features beautifully.
  • Eyeliner is often used to contour the eyes before the eyeshadow's application.
  • As such, half the models were sent down the runway in red and the rest with barely a hint of color there on those lips.
  • Thicker feral brows were trending quite strongly at Christopher Kane , proving that the bolder brows are not going anywhere anytime soon, no matter how strange it might appear to look on a tiny face like that of the models.
  • The darker color needs to be applied on about half of the eyelid and gradually work the lighter color in to receive a smooth, uniform transition.

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Model Management 5 current colors for eye makeup New Year Feehan but have

5 New Year's Eve Makeup Ideas

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5 New Year's Eve Makeup Ideas

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MAC Cosmetics New Lipstick Colors And Swatches Collection 2017

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MAC Cosmetics New Lipstick Colors And Swatches Collection 2017

#2: Vampire Lips

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#1: Candy Apple & Red Lipstick


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5 current colors for eye makeup New Year

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5 current colors for eye makeup New Year anybody

How to Apply Eye Shadow

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Eye for makeup Year current New 5 colors

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5 current colors for eye makeup New Year