5 Matte Lipsticks With Moisturizing Properties


Forget the fact that the latest trends often center on a bare face. The ladies of the world need to have them painted and painted they will be, whether in matte naturals and nudes or bright candy apple reds. There really is nothing that can make a girl feel womanly or a woman feel more like a lady than the perfect shade of lipstick that helps bring out the real you.

Whether the real you is a wild one or a sultry seductress, a simple businesswoman or a sweet innocent, that pout is what will end up revealing the most about who lies underneath the mask of the everyday socialite. MAC is one cosmetics brand that seems to understand what a girl really wants and what a woman needs, presenting different lipstick shades for you that will redraw what drop-dead gorgeous really means.

5 matte lipsticks with moisturizing properties

The ease of pencil application is another huge plus for this product. Total Beauty chose it as one of the top matte lipsticks, praising it for its smooth application, long-lasting color, and comfortable feel on the lips. Buyers love the smooth application, the great selection of colors — there are nearly 30 — ranging from the palest nudes to the deepest darks, and plenty of brights as well.

Great selection of colors, reasonably moisturizing for a matte lipstick, goes on smoothly Cons:

9 Maybelline Creamy Matte Lipsticks Lip Swatches

Liquid Lipsticks, Lacquers, Gloss & Stains — What's the Difference?

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5 Matte Lipsticks With Moisturizing Properties

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Liquid Lipsticks, Lacquers, Gloss & Stains — What's the Difference?

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Liquid Lipsticks That WON'T Dry Out Your Lips!

The 8 Best Matte Lipsticks, from $3 to $30, to Add to Your Collection Right Now

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The 8 Best Matte Lipsticks, from $3 to $30, to Add to Your Collection Right Now

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Best Lipstick All-Around:

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My Top 5 Moisturizing Lipsticks In India

  1. We love pinks so very much and that is saying something.
  2. Has a subtle tint but leaves my lips feeling soft and hydrated.
  3. The colors are sheer but bright, so the balm adds a nice flush of color without being overwhelming.
  4. It is an aubergine purple color that is as vampy as it gets, meaning that you can wear this well into the spring season and still appear to be the trendy It Girl you are.
  5. Buy one for you here!

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The best lipsticks you can buy

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The best lipsticks you can buy

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5 Moisturizing Lipsticks Under $25


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5 matte lipsticks with moisturizing properties

#2: ‘MACnificent Me!” Lipstick – Diva Antics

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5 matte lipsticks with moisturizing properties