7 Ideas For Prom Makeup


Our team at beautified designs created this prom makeup tutorial so you can discover how you can obtain a perfect look. You can even do it yourself with a great set of tools like eyelash curlers, flat irons or curlings irons! Prom is the most memorable and unforgettable day of every girl. This is the night where she will be dancing with her crush and enjoying the company of her friends.

This is why, it is very important to look at your best, makeup and jewelry included!

7 ideas for prom makeup

Here are 21 insanely beautiful makeup ideas for prom, from Stay Glam: We know that the entire look is important when it comes to getting ready for prom. These insanely beautiful makeup ideas for prom are not only beautiful, but relatively easy to do yourself at home.

7 DIY Weird Makeup Ideas / Christmas Pranks!

5 Gorgeous Prom Makeup Ideas for 2017

Are you going for a glam, goth, natural or classic look? Ready to get inspired for your best prom makeup look ever? This look is very "classic" prom and pretty in pink:


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7 Ideas For Prom Makeup

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5 Gorgeous Prom Makeup Ideas for 2017

16 Cool Makeup Ideas For A Quirky And Funky Prom Look

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GRWM: Prom 2015

Splurge vs. Steal: 12 Spring Essentials To Buy Now

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Prom Makeup Tutorial for A Natural Yet Sexy Look

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10 Things To Know Before Prom 2015! Makeup, Date Life Hacks + More!

21 Insanely Beautiful Makeup Ideas for Prom

  1. Finish with a vibrant red gloss and thick black lashes.
  2. Half the battle to getting these looks just right is having the right tools to do them with, so make sure you have everything you need to start with.
  3. This dramatic mix of magenta, blue and gold on the top of the eye is so striking, particularly with just a wash of gold and lashes to frame the look.
  4. Complete the makeup by applying pink blush on the cheeks.
  5. If you always have black eyeliner, add a little something new to the table for your beautiful makeup ideas for prom.

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7 ideas for prom makeup shots are honest

18 Awesome Prom Makeup Ideas for Blue Eyes

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18 Awesome Prom Makeup Ideas for Blue Eyes

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Prom makeup

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Prom makeup

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Your Prom Makeup Plan

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7 ideas for prom makeup

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Prom for 7 makeup ideas

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7 ideas for prom makeup