Colored Eyebrows


Open Mic Eyebrow Color Eyebrow color makes a lot difference, if it doesn't complement your look. Here are some beauty tips on eyebrow makeup and eyebrow color. The eyebrow color should complement the color of your hair. But today, the definition of fashion has changed.

Colored eyebrows

While dyeing your brows is a fairly simple process, using dye on the sensitive skin around your eyes, and so close to your eyes, can be somewhat dangerous. Make sure you follow all instructions very carefully and, when in doubt, visit a professional! Steps Choosing the Right Dye 1 Avoid using permanent hair dye. The dye that is formulated for use on your scalp is going to be way too harsh on the skin around your eyes.

How To: Colorful Brows for Thick & Dense Hair!

Eyebrow Color

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Colored Eyebrows

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Eyebrow Color

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HOW TO: Colored Eyebrows!

Pastel Brow Colors Emerge at Balenciaga Fall 2010

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Pastel Brow Colors Emerge at Balenciaga Fall 2010


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  • You won't need much, and you can save the rest of the dye for touch ups later.
  • Bright red suits women who have extreme fair complexion.
  • Keep in mind that contrasting brows are on-trend right now, so you may want to keep your bold, dark eyebrows for the moment.
  • Step 3 Fix the color with the help of gel or petroleum jelly.
  • You won't need much, and you can save the rest of the dye for touch ups later.
  • If the dye didn't take, repeat the dye process for another minutes.

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19 People Who Prove Rainbow Eyebrows Are Insanely Gorgeous

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19 People Who Prove Rainbow Eyebrows Are Insanely Gorgeous

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colored eyebrows

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Colored eyebrows going get

New Hair Color Trend: 14 Colorful Eyebrows You HAVE to See

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Eyebrows colored

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