Gradient Manicure: Design Ideas


Bianca CuteDIYprojects Blogger With that increasing spectrum of styles, varieties and design ideas, nail art has given to more awe-inspiring looks and a whole new rainbow of colors, looking just so miraculous when sitting on your fingertips. In fact, just a little creativity is what it takes to transform your nails from plain to charismatic within minutes.

Water Spotted Beach Nails: A fun-filled water spotting technique can turn your nails into a mini ocean, studded with a cute little starfish.

Gradient manicure: design ideas

Simple dip the round part of the bobby pin in the paint and start dotting it! Blinged-Out Graffiti This edgy look combines street style with glam. Start with a dark base coat, and then add light swipes of silver and gold paint. Be sure to wipe the metallic paints on the top of the bottle a few times before using them so that you can see the bristles when you apply.

Red to Black Gradient Tutorial

Matte Nails 2018: Trendy Designs for Long or Short Nails

Although salons offer many gorgeous designs, but if you are in favour of saving money, you should try creating these stunning designs yourself. For this, what all you need to do is to pick up a few tips along the way. Not to feel worried, you can opt for glitter gradients that are much easier to create and just as impressive.


Pastel colors are gentle and pleasant to the eye and you can be certain that your choice will always be beautiful and fashionable and will distinguish your style. The delicate shades emphasize the beauty of hands and they will look neat and well groomed. If bright saturated tones can sometimes clash with the overall appearance of a woman, for example, with a romantic dress or business suit, pastel colors will harmoniously complement any outfit and perfectly match with all makeup and hairstyle options.

Another indisputable advantage of pastel manicure is that it does not go out of fashion.

Gradient Manicure: Design Ideas

Also, a combination of matte pastel nail polish and makeup in the nude style is in vogue. In , in addition to classic black, various shades of purple, brown, blue, gray, green, beige, yellow, burgundy and blue will be in fashion. Lovers of glamor should pay attention to the strasses and sequins.

Contrasting combinations of non-shining coating at gloss are at the peak of their popularity. The trend of the year is glitter matte nail polish with the use of geometric drawings.

Matte Nails 2018: Trendy Designs for Long or Short Nails

Gradient Purple and Silver Tipped Nail Design

Beautiful and well-groomed nails are a guarantee for excellent mood and self-confidence. Modern women pay attention to their appearance and spend time for maintaining their haircuts, manicure, pedicure, they are interested in eyelash extensions, hair removal Е and these are just some of the procedures in the list! Long gone are the days when doing your manicure in a salon was considered a luxury.

Nowadays, regular visits to a beauty salon are already an ordinary ritual. It is not a secret for anyone that when you meet unfamiliar people the hands can tell you a lot about the person.

For the remaining two months before the wedding, you can have some tanning options, teeth whitening, or a botox maybe then get really serious about your fitness routine by adding extra time to your gym time each day or you may think of starting a yoga class. Two weeks before the wedding have some hair treatments like a hair gloss, or maybe trimming it, or a subtle color might do the trick, then exfoliate.

You can have a facial a week before the wedding too. Then get your wedding nails done in about two days before the wedding.

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Bandana Print Nail Design

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Bandana Print Nail Design

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Perfect French Fade - Natural Nail

Gradient nails

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Gradient nails

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Blue Bandana Nail Art

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Gradient manicure: design ideas like valentino. Hyein

Glamour nails ideas Ц begin with the basics


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Nail tip designs

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Gradient manicure: design ideas

Pastel manicure and nail design ideas Ц the beauty of delicate colors

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Pastel manicure and nail design ideas Ц the beauty of delicate colors

Wedding Nails

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Wedding Nails

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Glod Glitter & Black Prom Nail Design


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Glod Glitter & Black Prom Nail Design

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2. Red, White and Blue Nails

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2. Peter Pan Collar Nails


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Gradient manicure: design ideas

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15 Gradient Polka Dot Nail Art Designs

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Manicure: design ideas Gradient

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Gradient manicure: design ideas