How Do Age Makeup?


Clean and moisturized skin provides a smooth base for your makeup and helps it last longer during a performance. Wash your face thoroughly, then pat your skin dry with a soft towel. Apply a good moisturizer all over your face and neck, followed by a light, colorless balm on your lips. For dry skin, try an exfoliating cleanser to smooth out flaky areas.

Graftobian's Old Age Kit Note: These instructions are generic in that the specific shades of foundation, creme liners, pencils, and crepe wool may be different than the colors in your kit. However, the techniques mentioned with respect to these items will be the same regardless of the specific colors you are using. When creating a character, you will always have an overall foundation color, then you will have one or two shades that are darker for creating hollows, wrinkles and shadows.

How To: Make Someone Look Old

Whats the right age for girls to wear makeup?

But when you're playing an old character, it can be tricky to get the makeup just right. The trick to convincing old age theater makeup is exaggerating your skin's natural texture and using dark and light shades to create the appearance of pronounced creases and wrinkles. Practice is the key, though, so do a dress rehearsal with your makeup to ensure that it looks just right.

Steps Applying the Base Makeup 1 Choose a sallow-toned foundation.


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Cosmetic Changes

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The makeup debate

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Old Lady Lex (Old Age) Makeup Tutorial (NO PROSTHETICS/NO LATEX)

Mistake: Skipping Foundation

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  • Start at the inner corner and blend the powder into the natural groove there.
  • It also gives your mouth a lot more definition than lipstick alone.
  • Give yourself plenty of room, and arrange your materials neatly in front of you.
  • Never just stab away with your sponge, brush, or other implement.
  • These instructions are generic in that the specific shades of foundation, creme liners, pencils, and crepe wool may be different than the colors in your kit.
  • Blend both areas well.

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10 Makeup Mistakes That Can Age You

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Old Age Instructions

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