How To Choose A Nail Polish Short: 5 Main Rules


However, it is not just the nail polish we use that makes the difference, but the shape of our nails too. If you don't know how to choose the best nail shape, take a look at these basic tips and draw your inspiration. Even though choosing your nail shape is a matter of personal preferences and style, there are a few things a woman should know and take into consideration before opting for square or round nails.

As our hands and nails represent a symbol of beauty and femininity being the best visiting card, it is important to follow a certain care routine and find the most flattering shape for our nails.

How to choose a nail polish short: 5 main rules

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How to Choose the Best Nail Shape.

A clean, smooth manicure that looks up to par with a salon manicure can be difficult to achieve, but with the right nail preparation and a good quality polish, your nails can come out looking professionally done, and can last up to a week. Steps Preparing Your Nails 1 Trim and file your nails. Before you begin to paint your nails, it's important that you create the desired shape of your nails.

Trimming them to the length that you want them and smoothing out the edges with a nail file will help you achieve a prettier, polished look, and will prevent your nails from chipping as quickly.


By Lyndsie Robinson Knowing how to choose the right nail polish color requires a little research, but it's pretty easy to come up with the perfect shade. Make no mistake, though: If you've got short fingers, for instance, you don't want a polish that makes them look stumpy, you want to elongate them. Don't worry, though, I've found everything you need to know for picking out the right nail polish!

How To Choose A Nail Polish Short: 5 Main Rules

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How to Choose the Best Nail Shape.

Simple Pastels

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5 Things You're Doing WRONG When WATERMARBLING Your Nails!

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8 Tips for Choosing the Right Nail Polish Color ...

  • Studio, Butter London, Orly, and Rescue Beauty Lounge are some top rated nail polishes that have been tested to last longer and provide an even coating.
  • Therefore, square nails look great on narrow, long fingers, while pointed nails flatter smaller hands and fingers.
  • Taking your nail polish brush, dip it in the polish just so you have enough polish on your brush to create a thin layer.
  • Nail polish won't go on smoothly if your nails have water droplets on them.
  • When exposed to bright lights or heat, nail polish can experiences changes in its thickness and color, so it's best to store your polish in a cool dark area.
  • Spring calls for pretty pastels and, of course, whatever shades are popular in terms of trends.
  • So if you are looking for a more budget friendly brand, try out this one.

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How to choose a nail polish short: 5 main rules

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Cute Nail Polish Combos for Your Fingers and Toes

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How to choose a nail polish short: 5 main rules