How To Stamping On The Gel Nail Polish?


Look for a good stamping polish. Usually polishes that will cover your nail with one coat will stamp well. Metallic polishes and some matte polishes work very well. Clean the stamping image after before each use with pure acetone.

How to stamping on the gel nail polish?

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How To Stamp With Gel Polish & Pigments

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How To Stamping On The Gel Nail Polish?

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Watch Me Work: Nail Stamping featuring The Gel Bottle Inc. and Wildflowers Nails

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How to stamping on the gel nail polish? Select


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How to stamping on the gel nail polish? Communication and organizational

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  • Hold it at a degree angle to the plate and scrape lightly.
  • To prevent smearing your design with top coat, wait until the stamping has dried and float a large amount of top coat on the nail with as few strokes as possible.
  • When using a squishy or sticky stamper, pushing your nail straight into the image instead of rolling it over your nail works the best.
  • This small bit of clear polish and smoothing out will prevent air bubbles from becoming trapped under the decal.
  • Creating your own stamped decals

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How to stamping on the gel nail polish?

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The stamping nail How to polish? gel on


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How to stamping on the gel nail polish?