How To Wear Colored Mascara?


When choosing the right colored mascara for your eye color, the basic principle is to go with complementary colors and tones that are barely noticeable, but have a big impact on your overall look. If you want to exercise the trend in a statement kind of way, I suggest you try out turquoise mascara or bright pink shades, yellow hues or metallic accents, curtsey of glitter mascaras.

Purple and pink mascaras are great for bringing out green eyes , while green mascara is perfect for bringing out the violet in blue eyes. If you are looking for the perfect colored mascara for blue eyes , that will compliment your eye color, shades of cooper and bronze are perfect for you.

How to wear colored mascara?

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DIY Colored Mascara

10 Colored Mascaras to Make Your Eyes POP!

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How To Wear Colored Mascara?

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10 Colored Mascaras to Make Your Eyes POP!

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Drugstore & DIY Colored Mascara -Cruelty Free!

1. Assess Your Eye Colour

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1. Assess Your Eye Colour

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The darkness How to wear colored mascara? Spandex

How To Wear Colored Mascara, AKA The Easiest Way To Enhance Your Eye Shade


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A Foolproof Guide to Wearing Colored Mascara, According to Your Eye Color

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How To Wear Colored Mascara

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How to wear colored mascara? have

6 Colorful Mascaras You Can Actually Wear

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6 Colorful Mascaras You Can Actually Wear

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Green Colored Mascara for hazel eyes


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How to wear colored mascara?

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How to wear colored mascara? Awards 2018

Colored Mascara Is Having a Moment — Here’s How to Add It to Your Beauty Routine

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Mascara? How colored to wear

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How to wear colored mascara?