Color Ideas

  • How Do Age Makeup?

    Graftobian's Old Age Kit Note: These instructions are generic in that the specific shades of foundation, creme liners, pencils, and crepe wool may be different than the colors in your kit. However, the techniques mentioned with respect to these items will be the same regardless of the specific colors you are using. When creating a character, you will always have an overall foundation color, then you will have one or two shades that are darker for creating hollows, wrinkles and shadows..

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  • Top 5 Beauty-terms 2019

    Top 5 Beauty-terms 2019

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  • How to paint the eyebrow pencil?

    How To Paint The Eyebrow Pencil?

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  • How to apply foundation with a brush?

    How To Apply Foundation With A Brush?

    By Lisa Marie Learning how to use a foundation brush can mean the difference between a completely flawless face and an unpolished look. Foundation application can be tricky for everyone, from novices to seasoned makeup aficionados.

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  • Avant-garde stars

    Avant-garde Stars

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  • What color to tint eyebrows?

    What Color To Tint Eyebrows?

    So, the ultimate question for ladies who dye their hair is: Should I dye my eyebrows. The answer depends on how dramatic your new color is and your natural eyebrow color. Your brows and your hair must work together to create one cohesive and natural look..

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  • Four color palettes of shadows: ranking

    Four Color Palettes Of Shadows: Ranking

    Best Eyeshadow for Brown Eyes Best Eyeshadow for Green Eyes Best Eyeshadow for Blue Eyes Eyeshadow is one of the most common and versatile makeup products because it effectively enhances eyes by adding dimension, depth, and highlights. There are many types of eyeshadow including powders, liquids, minerals, and creams to suit various skin types and preferences.

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  • 17 ideas for a festive make-up

    17 Ideas For A Festive Make-up

    On that note, I have been obsessed with cookies in a jar for years. These adorable little homemade gifts are often my go-to when I need something quick and easy to give but want something special. This year I decided to forgo my normal chocolate chip cookie in a jar recipe and branch out to include more cookie types, as well as other food mixes that go great in a jar..

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Your natural eyebrows are a good indicator of what style probably fits you best, but if you take it a step further and refine that look, you will notice that your look will be brighter, cleaner and sharper.