Color Ideas

  • How to Choose a curler?

    How To Choose A Curler?

    fuck i would love it if you could sit on my cock like that Brittany. Congrats, you were the first to comment yay!.

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  • Mascara YSL Beauté Vinyl Couture: an overview

    Mascara YSL Beauté Vinyl Couture: An Overview

    So, overall, so far the formula has ticked most of my boxes, okay the pink shade is lumpy and way, WAY to much comes out, but it is a limited edition shade and still gives a decent appearance. Nod bad for a first shot, right.

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  • Manicure by blue dress: Ideas

    Manicure By Blue Dress: Ideas

    The beautiful solitaire sits pretty atop your ring finger. But, what accentuates your Engagement ring pictures, are your pretty, manicured hands.

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  • What is the technology of the classic manicure?

    What Is The Technology Of The Classic Manicure?

    Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Color There is nothing more frustrating than taking the time to paint your nails only to have them chip the following morning. For women who like to keep perfectly manicured nails, gel polish may be your new miracle solution. Best of all, you can save the time and money usually spent at the salon and still enjoy the same beautiful, long-lasting results..

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  • Gradient manicure: video tutorial

    Gradient Manicure: Video Tutorial

    If you try to blend colors that are too far apart, they tend to look muddy. This is an entire lesson on its own, and I can go into that later if you're interested. For now, just remember to look for colors that blend into each other..

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  • Trend: nonturing

    Trend: Nonturing

    Me encanta Saludos de Grecia. Going to be surprised when she learns I'm not Dan. Cheap and effective mouse.

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