Matte Nails: 30 Ideas


Also, a combination of matte pastel nail polish and makeup in the nude style is in vogue. In , in addition to classic black, various shades of purple, brown, blue, gray, green, beige, yellow, burgundy and blue will be in fashion. Lovers of glamor should pay attention to the strasses and sequins.

Contrasting combinations of non-shining coating at gloss are at the peak of their popularity. The trend of the year is glitter matte nail polish with the use of geometric drawings.

Matte nails: 30 ideas

Why not show your love for black with your nails? There are so many styles you can try out! Prev Next 1Top 5 Black Nail Polishes Before getting yourself all glammed up, you need to be careful of what polish you use.


30 Cool Matte Nail Art Designs

Prev Next 1Matte With A Twist This nail art features a cooler-toned, almost taupe nude as the base color, but besides its simple, matte designs, there is also a glittery element, which looks absolutely stunning with the minimalistic matte vibes. Because of the very soft polish shades and the short, square shape, the overall effect is a natural, nude nail look.

This nail art design uses roses in deep red and pink shades, but this manicure will look stunning with other flower and color combinations as well, such as pink peonies or yellow sunflowers for a more summery look.


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Matte Nails: 30 Ideas

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30 Cool Matte Nail Art Designs

Nice Black Matte Nails

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2. Ballerina Acrylic Nail Designs

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2. Ballerina Acrylic Nail Designs

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30 Black Nails Designs

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30 Black Nails Designs

1. Cute Christmas Acrylic Nails

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Matte nails: 30 ideas Planet

Matte Black Nails


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Matte nails: 30 ideas love their jeans

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Royal Burgundy Matte Nails

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Get The Perfect Matte Manicure!

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you Matte nails: 30 ideas one which takes

30 Acrylic Nail Designs for Winter

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30 Acrylic Nail Designs for Winter

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Plum Nail Art For Chic Girls

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Plum Nail Art For Chic Girls

Matte acrylic nails

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Matte acrylic nails

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30 Nude Nail Designs

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spittin nails: ideas Matte 30 Lohan looks

2. Neutral, Glitter and Burgundy Nails


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Matte nails: 30 ideas

Matte nails

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White Matte Nails

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Like Matte nails: 30 ideas the colors

30 Black Nail Designs

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Nails: ideas Matte 30

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Matte nails: 30 ideas

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