Solid Color Manicure: 20 Ideas


January 5, The manicure service is available in almost all salons these days. Manicure is essentially a kind of beauty treatment; however it is meant exclusively for the fingernails and hands. A typical manicure procedure will include tasks like shaping of the nail edges, filing, pushing and clipping. It also includes the massage of the hand and the application of polish. The same treatment on the feet and the toenails is called pedicure.

Solid color manicure: 20 ideas

If you are already dressing up your nails with creative nail art, then why should you ignore your poor toe nails? Baseball Toe Nail Design This nail art design for beginners is very easy and looks great on any complexion. All you have to do is coat your toenails with any base colour and let it dry. Then choose a few nail paints of your choice and form swirl designs with each colour.

10 Quick Nail Art Ideas If You're LAZY Or LATE!

Gorgeous Hibiscus Nail Art Designs

You begin with breaking the seal of the polish by going for a gentle buffing or filing of that thick top coat covering your fingertips. Avoid filing too deep, and stick only to the top of the nails. Further, you need to place a cotton ball soaked in acetone onto your nails.


Then sure you are in shortage of versatile and faddish ideas on how to bring out the best of the length and shape of your nails. The multi-colored nail designs below are the perfect source of inspiration for your creative projects. Use the best nail art products as well as high quality nail polish to grant your nails with a cute design in the endless shades of the world.

Choose vibrating tones for Read More cool nail designs , colorful nail designs , nail art ideas Your nails can be the ultimate fashion statement if you pay close attention to some of the most interesting and alluring nail designs of the moment.

Solid Color Manicure: 20 Ideas

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Gorgeous Hibiscus Nail Art Designs

Baseball Toe Nail Design

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Natural Nails

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Solid color manicure: 20 ideas this familial

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Solid color manicure: 20 ideas think Angela and

Glitter Nail Manicure Idea

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Cute DIY Projects

  • Then draw a black border along the diagonal and add polka dots.
  • On the other hand a Gel manicure will last longer, protect the nails and even gives the option of several styles and colors.
  • Toe Nail Design Idea This beautiful toe nail design for pedicures is great for beginners.
  • Choose a pale blue or gray shade as your toenail colour.
  • It also includes the massage of the hand and the application of polish.

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Solid color manicure: 20 ideas collection

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Glitter Nail Designs

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Glitter Nail Designs

Hibiscus Flower Nail Art

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Hibiscus Flower Nail Art

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Hibiscus Summer Nail Art

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color 20 ideas manicure: Solid cleaning

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Solid color manicure: 20 ideas

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Solid color manicure: 20 ideas