Splashed Blue: The Daily Make-up With Bright Blue Accent


Maybe the long, frigid winter is finally starting to get to you, and with the festive season behind us, it only gets harder in the weeks ahead. While many of us give our bedrooms or living rooms a fun revamp ahead of winter to survive the seasonal blues, we tend to forget the one space where our day begins: It is time to drive away that early morning despair and give your day a great start this winter by adding some energizing, fun color to your bathroom.

Walls in Venetian Plaster add texture to the gorgeous master bathroom [From:

Splashed blue: the daily make-up with bright blue accent

The most popular reason for this is the belief that hot hues are supposed to stimulate the appetite. But then, many of those rules have been challenged and rightfully so by modern designers who have put an end to the myth that dining rooms look good only in yellow, red or orange.

While other amazing colors like purple and even black have been used brilliantly in the dining space, today we take a look at how to paint it blue in style! Fabulous dining room in captivating royal blue [Design:

How to make BLUE eyes POP!

Redheads: The Colors You Should Be Wearing

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Splashed Blue: The Daily Make-up With Bright Blue Accent

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Redheads: The Colors You Should Be Wearing

The Breezy Beauty of Turquoise

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The cheeriest blue in the spectrum, turquoise stands strong on its own and plays well with others

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Splashed blue: the daily make-up with bright blue accent Sisters Massimo

Don’t compete with your neutral hues — complement them!


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Recreating The Look

25 Bathrooms That Beat the Winter Blues with a Splash of Color!

  1. Out with the White Ceiling As always, think beyond just the walls when you are planning to add a new color to the dining room.
  2. Garrison Hullinger Interior Design] 4.
  3. Throw in Some Trendy Gray Sure, white and blue make the perfect pair, but have you ever thought about bringing together your favorite shade of blue and what might soon take over the status of the hottest neutral of the decade?
  4. A backdrop in blue will let your dining room stand out in an open plan living area with ease.

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Color Guide: How to Work With Turquoise

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Color Guide: How to Work With Turquoise

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Splashed blue: the daily make-up with bright blue accent

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Splashed blue: the daily make-up with bright blue accentMakeup in the style Jennifer look at beautydash.eu.

Splashed Blue: The Daily Make-up With Bright Blue Accent

Splashed blue: the daily make-up with bright blue accent -> http://beautydash.eu/lips/matt-lipstick.php

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How to Give Neutral Paint Colors a Subtle Jolt

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Daily bright Splashed make-up blue blue: the accent with

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Splashed blue: the daily make-up with bright blue accent