Spring Makeup: Ideas And Photos


Here are 10 gorgeous celebrity-inspired makeup trends you can rock this spring. Use a burnt orange shadow in the crease and along the upper and lower lash line and finish with two coats of black mascara and a creamy crimson lipstick. You can create a perfect smokey eye with just one eyeshadow.

Using a medium-toned, shimmery copper eyeshadow, sweep over the entire lid and blend outwards in the direction of the tail of your eyebrows to create the illusion of wider-set eyes.

Spring Makeup: ideas and photos

Subliminal Palette, McGrath first applied a taupe color to the lids, then went over in a high-pigment black. Some girls had eyes emphasized more in black for a tougher look, while others were made more feminine with the help of a slight blush added to cheeks. She also pulled in products from Shiseido subbrand Playlist not yet available in the U.

This season is more about pairing matte lips with matte skin, or glossy lips with dewy skin, Ishida said.


5 Floral Eye Makeup Looks That Are Actually Groundbreaking

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Spring Makeup: Ideas And Photos

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5 Floral Eye Makeup Looks That Are Actually Groundbreaking

Backstage at Tom Ford RTW Spring 2018

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2018 Spring and Summer Makeup Trends & Ideas

Makeup at Marc Jacobs RTW Spring 2018

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Makeup at Marc Jacobs RTW Spring 2018

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Bother Knock Spring Makeup: ideas and photos the 1st

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Shay Mitchell Inspired Spring Glow Makeup Tutorial

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Spring Makeup Ideas Pictures

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Spring Makeup Ideas Pictures

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Spring Makeup: ideas and photos

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Spring Makeup: ideas and photos her family

10 Spring Celebrity Makeup Ideas We Can't Get Enough of

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Ideas and photos Spring Makeup:

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Spring Makeup: ideas and photos