Summer Make-up: The Rules And Ideas


Reading Is Fundamental It's not hard to help your children keep their interest in reading and learning during the summer break. Here are ten weeks of suggestions to encourage your children to open books even after school doors close. Check out Reading Rockets' new summer website, Start with a Book.

You'll find a treasure trove of themed children's books, parent—child activities, and other great resources for summer learning.

Summer make-up: the rules and ideas

Schedules can vary, but in general, this seasonal flexible scheduling allows employees to compress their workweek in order to take Friday afternoon off, the whole Friday off each week, or every other Friday off entirely. This is but one example of how employers are offering flexible hours and schedules during summer's hazy days when distractions are plenty. Management still expects work to be completed, deadlines met and offices staffed.

The practice of having summer hours is reviewed each year.

Summer long lasting makeover Transformation with some easy way

Activities & Printables

Ten Activities for Establishing Classroom Rules Lesson Plan When it comes to setting rules in the classroom, in some ways the old adage "hope for the best, but prepare for the worst" rings true. Starting the school year on the right foot includes establishing classroom rules that will last the whole year through. Many teachers involve students in establishing their classroom rules.

Surprisingly, student-created rules are often much the same as -- or even tougher than -- rules a teacher might create.


What is the Purpose of a Home Rules Contract? The primary purpose of a Home Rules Contract is for teens to be held accountable for their behavior while allowing parents to maintain a reasonable amount of control. A Home Rules Contract will teach teens that there are consequences to breaking rules, the knowledge of which hopefully will transfer in the teen's mind to school rules as well as the legal system.

A Home Rules Contract will not resolve the issues of feelings and emotions involved within the relationships between parents and teens.

Summer Make-up: The Rules And Ideas

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Activities & Printables

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Summer make-up: the rules and ideas 1943,the photograph

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Summer Ideas: 10 Rules To Guarantee Your Next Three Months Will Be Awesome

  • A copy of the blank Home Rules Contract should be given to every person who will ultimately be signing the contract, including the teens and preteens, for them to fill out with rules, consequences and rewards they feel are appropriate for the Home Rules Contract.
  • Give the teams 15 to 20 minutes to create and play a game that makes use of the dice and the cards.
  • The consequences for breaking a classroom rule are at least as important as the rule itself.
  • In order to be effective, all children need to see the Home Rules Contract as fair.
  • Find a list of baseball teams in the sports section of the newspaper.

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Printable Summer Rules

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Summer Rules:


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Summer make-up: the rules and ideas

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Summer make-up: the rules and ideas