Test Drive: Tonal Foundation For Oily Skin


Get your SPF another way. This will prevent flashback and the cakey look of too much makeup. Higher concentrations of SPF in foundation also tend to give skin a white cast also known as flashback in photos. If you have darker skin, that white cast can also appear on your face sans photography.

Test Drive: tonal foundation for oily skin

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Our Skin Type Test

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Test Drive: Tonal Foundation For Oily Skin

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Our Skin Type Test

Best Cruelty-Free Drugstore Foundations

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How We Found the Best Foundation


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MAC Matchmaster Foundation Review

  1. The average number of shades available from any given foundation was six for light skin tones, five for medium skin tones, and three for darker skin tones.
  2. Before ordering cartloads of foundation to arrive at our office, we scrutinized product photos, user reviews, and makeup tutorial videos to see what the packaging for each product was like.
  3. We found the average number of shades for three categories:
  4. Testers put the foundations through transfer tests, wore them throughout long work days, nights out, and weekend adventures.

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The Best Foundation

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The Best Foundation

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Have you used MAC Matchmaster Foundation ? Please rate in the box below

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oily Test for tonal skin foundation Drive: helps have


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Test Drive: tonal foundation for oily skin

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Foundation for oily tonal skin Drive: Test




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