The Original Eye Makeup: 3 New Ideas


Continuing on from the late s flower power trend of more natural looks, the decade went into super glam mode, gave a nod to retro smoky eyes and skinny brows, revolved around the glitter ball of decadent disco and pogo-ed into avant-garde punk. From barely there to right in your face, the makeup from the start to the end of the decade was as opposite as you could get!

Despite the scales of equality being unbalanced, changes did happen. Just a few of successes for women include: So, what does all this have to do with makeup?

The original eye makeup: 3 new ideas

Some of the most important parts of a fairy costume are the dress, the wings, and the makeup. Popular fairy makeup colors include pink, purple, blue, and pastel forest-green. Glitter is another important element, and you can achieve this with body glitter, shimmery makeup, and rhinestones.


5 Floral Eye Makeup Looks That Are Actually Groundbreaking

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The Original Eye Makeup: 3 New Ideas

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5 Floral Eye Makeup Looks That Are Actually Groundbreaking

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Eyeshadow Palette

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Eyeshadow Palette

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Fabulous Eye Makeup Ideas

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Everything You Need to Know About Upside-Down Eye Makeup

  • Use an angled blush brush and apply the blush along your cheekbones.
  • It was a clever sidestep, allowing woman to keep wearing makeup — and buying the products.
  • It could be quite liberally applied or barely there, depending on the tastes of the individual, and whether it was for daytime e.
  • Some ranges were flavoured, which varied from fruity tangs and mint, to things like bubble gum.
  • Dampen a sponge with water and press it into your makeup palette color of choice.
  • Mascara was worn on both upper and lower lashes.
  • The s take of the s was more a nod to the main trends of that era, rather than being a direct copy.

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Hairstyle and Makeup Ideas Part(13)

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Hairstyle and Makeup Ideas Part(13)

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Wing 3 new ideas eye makeup: The original magazine ordinary dimensions

New Year’s Eve Makeup Ideas


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The original eye makeup: 3 new ideas

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How To Prep For an Original Wedding Makeup

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The original eye makeup: 3 new ideas