Trend: Colored Eyebrows


Imaxtree In the quest for perfect eyebrows, we've tried a lot, including pencils, gels, powder, pomades, and beyond. As for some of the more extreme methods, like eyebrow implants , we don't quite foresee those in our future. With a new year on the horizon, though, new trends are popping up, and we predict that will be the year microblading dominates. With the in-your-face "Instagram brow" on its way out , microblading is an incredible solution to a beautifully natural, fuller brow no matter how dire you think your brow situation is.

The exaggerated arches seen all over Instagram in will seem a little dated and a more sophisticated brow trend will emerge," says Johanna Hedman, Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional and president of Hedman Method in Miami, Florida.

Trend: colored eyebrows

The Eyes Have It: Brow Trends Throughout History celebrity September 21, The way women have worn their eyebrows continues to change with the decades. Today many consider the perfect eyebrow to be a thick, yet defined brow, but back in the s stars preferred to have pencil-thin eyebrows with a severe downward-curving tail.

As we go back through history we see the shape change drastically.

Color eyebrows - a new bold trend that will allow you to be in the center of attention

3 Ways to Wear Instagram’s Latest Beauty Trend: Colorful Dyed Eyebrows

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Trend: Colored Eyebrows

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3 Ways to Wear Instagram’s Latest Beauty Trend: Colorful Dyed Eyebrows

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1920s: Clara Bow

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1920s: Clara Bow

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Trend: colored eyebrows Perla,Model:Brigitte

Ombre Eyebrows


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19 People Who Prove Rainbow Eyebrows Are Insanely Gorgeous

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19 People Who Prove Rainbow Eyebrows Are Insanely Gorgeous

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Our Latest In Fashion

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that colored eyebrows Trend: very

Fashion forward women are showing off neon dyed eyebrows on Instagram


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Trend: colored eyebrows

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Spotted: Boldly Colored Eyebrows Are Happening Off the Runway

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Eyebrows Trend: colored

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Trend: colored eyebrows