• What eye makeup would suit you the most?

    What Eye Makeup Would Suit You The Most?

    Reads on for our Eye Makeup Tips. Eye colour, hair colour and even the shade of your eye brows all play a part in creating your perfect colour pallet. There are so many products on the market today that all give different textures, looks and are all suited to different people and different occasions..

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  • Arrows to help: how to make your eyes more?

    Arrows To Help: How To Make Your Eyes More?

    A correctly tuned bow with a perfectly spined arrow will increase your success in the field. These expert tips will help you achieve all three. Photo by Cathy Nogara As bowhunters, we constantly check, adjust and re-adjust our equipment over and over again trying to achieve perfect arrow flight from our bows.

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  • Eye makeup techniques in cutcrease

    Eye Makeup Techniques In Cutcrease

    Creating a Blank Canvas 1 Wash your face. Gently massage a cleanser into your skin to remove oil and dirt from your pores. Hydrate your face so that it looks attractively nourished and dewy underneath your makeup.

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  • How to work with a fold-century eye makeup?

    How To Work With A Fold-century Eye Makeup?

    For that reason, I want to talk about eye shapes before we get into specific eye makeup tutorials. That way you can really get the most benefit out of those tutorials. The nine different eye shapes are: This one is pretty straight forward..

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  • Makeup for wide-set eyes

    Makeup For Wide-set Eyes

    According to the ancient Chinese face reading principle, people with wide set eyes are said to be more interested in the bigger picture. They do not pay much attention to the details. Eye makeup for the wide set eyes: Start by shaping your eyebrows:.

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  • 7 the most popular types of arrows for the eyes

    7 The Most Popular Types Of Arrows For The Eyes

    Check Details Best Archery Target Variables When choosing an archery target, you should strive to get the best in terms of features. There are a few variables that make a target good or bad and when you have this in mind, you should definitely have an easy time selecting the best for you.

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