Arabic Eye Makeup


Mary Smith Do you want shocking eyes? Then apply an Arab style make up to your eyes, a technique that will bring out the intensity of your gaze by highlighting your eyebrows and eye lashes with dark and very striking colors. This type of make up is widely used by Arab women as they wear a veil that covers their face and only show their eyes, so they intensify these with a very striking and feminine make up.

It is a very elaborate make up that can be combined with more colorful eye shadows blue, turquoise, pink, etc. In this OneHowTo article we will tell you how to do Arabic eye makeup so you know how to reinforce the beauty of your stare.

Arabic eye makeup

If you are interested in trying out some beautiful eye makeup looks then you must read this. Arabic makeup focuses on two things. One that it is bold. Secondly Arabic makeup is very dramatic.

Arabic Style Eyeliner

How to do Arabic Eye Makeup?

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Arabic Eye Makeup

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How to do Arabic Eye Makeup?


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Summer Eye Makeup

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Summer Eye Makeup


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Arabic Inspired Makeup Tutorial

A Couple Of Arabic Eyes Makeup To Emulate

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A Couple Of Arabic Eyes Makeup To Emulate

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arabic eye makeup

  1. But if you are the guest then keep it a little toned down as shown.
  2. In OneHowTo we explain how to outline eyebrows step by step , so you know to maximize your eyes.
  3. This type of make up is widely used by Arab women as they wear a veil that covers their face and only show their eyes, so they intensify these with a very striking and feminine make up.
  4. Once you have chosen the best color for your eyes it is time to apply it on the eyelids.

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Xue Arabic eye makeup Mischka ss15

Tutorial: How To Do Bold Arabic Eye Makeup Look

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Tutorial: How To Do Bold Arabic Eye Makeup Look

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Arabic eye makeup

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Fashion and Arabic eye makeup good hear from

Very Seductive Arabic Eye Makeup Looks For The Summer Night Parties

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Makeup Arabic eye

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